Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Doodle a Day

I send a doodle in my oldest son's lunchbag every day. One; to let him know I love him, even in the middle of a rough day, and two; because he asked me to keep doing it, when the first one was just a bonus by the sandwich.

This was Tuesday's doodle, to celebrate the hours of work he put in on Monday night.

This one was a series of twelve, to propel him to keep working before Christmas. It was a bit of a labor on the last few to do 12 drawings of the stuff every night. But worth it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


That is, sick as a dog this last week or so. Colds are no fun.

So, here is a little something from a more productive week. Two big sisters getting a baby brother, so three canvases to be hung together at first, then could be separated, and hung in each child's room, with plenty of the braided little clothesline to spare.

These were for a client, so I never heard the recipient's response. Wish I had. It's like...having a blog. No idea what anyone thinks of you except for the friends who go, and they like you already.

Here's to a clearer head in the near future!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Old Apartment

I miss my apartment. Yes, it's been 15 years and it's been reduced to a parking lot or vision center by this time, but I miss it. Screened porch with two french doors, black and white tile in the bathroom, and the best view of the expressway from the bedroom. I was lulled to sleep every night by traffic, and got to wake and watch early commuters' lights stream by each morning.

Wish I had done more drawings of the place, but these are what I have now.
Enjoy : )

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Year of Gifties

I'm still learning my way around Blogger, so here are the rest of the pictures I couldn't fit into one post. : p

These necklaces were for my nieces and mom, and so fun to watch them get excited and wear them. It's been a few years since I made any jewelry, but with a wonderful bead store right down the street, it was silly not to start up again.

Happy New Year! (or Things I Did Over Christmas Vacation)

My dream for this year is to finally do the things I've only talked about. I think Action is a good resolution for me, as I can procrastinate with the finest! Here are some of the projects I did for Christmas gifts or just for myself, when I found a space to fill.

Here's hoping I won't leave this another four months!

Fred Elf was just too fun. 24 days of hiding places, and one excited little boy every morning!