Monday, July 5, 2010

Pictures vs. Words

I dove into books when I was four, love the written language and the almost unlimited banquet of ways to say what I mean, without using the same words others might.

That being said, I also develop an occasional case of fumbletongue when I speak. So design is often my public forté, as it can emote much better than I might.

I've had many projects which were all text, and my task was to give them visual appeal, while keeping the information clear and easy to read. I enjoy those projects, they're a fun challenge.

This piece was a one-day turn, 'forgotten' insert for an awards trip folder. Solution of tiered sheets and one-color printing, bound with heavy cover stock printed with the same shade of brown, saved time and money.

The yearly Consumer conference binder was often a victim of little-to-no information about the contents, as there were numerous powerpoint presentations to assemble.

This year we planned early, kept the cover and tabs less content-specific, and eliminated the normal scramble.

Also used the dartboard theme on all event pieces; banners on the stage, directional signs, table decor.
I loved this final product, as it was a successful 'design by committee'.

When the group received the final piece, I received email applause from the marketing manager. Made my Tuesday!


  1. Nice!!!! I think these type of informational graphics are SO hard to get right. Obviously, this is not a problem for you :)

  2. Thanks! I love doing things like these, because I've seen enough done SO badly - and when they're done well, they can be lovely. And they're like puzzles, to figure out how to put it all together.