Monday, August 23, 2010

Ghostie-Boo 2010!

Last year's Halloween project was my Boo Y'all door hanging (which I loved). It took a bit of time and engineering to complete, but he was intense. This year, my ghostie is going green.

We're going through two gallon milk jugs a week, so I had materials ready to hand.
Everyone can do this - and if you start now, you could have a whole pathway, like I will!

1. Thoroughly clean out the empty jug with soap and water. I did this, and then washed it again once the bottom had been cut off, just to make sure no residue was left in the handle.

2. Cut the top spout into five sections, or enough to make it easy to fold down into the jug.
That way, you won't cut yourself or have sharp edges for little fingers to grab.

3. Cut the bottom off the jug, making them wide points. It's pretty easy when you use the top of the curve as your guide where to start, and use the curvature to determine where your points will go. As long as the bottoms tips are even when you're done - you don't want a wobbly ghostie.

4. Use a sharpie marker, paint, or sticky backed felt to make eyes, mouth and arms. Happy or scary, it's up to you.

5. Place outside with a flameless candle, like the battery operated tea lights all over the interwebs ; ).

Another option is to cut a hole in the back, underneath the handle, and use it for a flashlight for Halloween night. You could use wide tape to secure the light to the plastic.

Have Fun!

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