Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Missing Doodles - (not exactly a Nancy Drew classic)

Introducing two doodles that have lingered in the sketchbook upstairs for awhile (it got cold, and I don't turn on the heat unless we're up there for awhile, or we have company to stay).

The first one is the actual sketch I did of my desktop. It's pretty much the same, except covered in Valentine's cards and empty envelopes today. Organizing everything neatly is N.O.T. my forté. I try, but it's not always a success.

Sketch numbah two is a drawing of the jewelry I rocked in the 70s. Yes, that is a macrame choker and hand-painted letter bead necklace. I loved the choker so much, wore it until it actually choked me to put it on. A sad day. I've more than made up for it with the jewelry I buy now. Still pretty cheap, though. I come from a long line of costume-jewelry queens. Makes it more fun to hunt down the style I want, and pay beans for it. Or make it myself. : )

Draw on, girl, draw on!

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