Thursday, May 24, 2012

BookWoman Scores A Win!!!

I just got the news that a logo design I did for a group in Oklahoma was a rousing success! I had given them three options, but (as always) had a favorite in the mix. I didn't tell anyone, for fear of skewing their voting process.

Winner Winner Woo Hoo!!

(Looks a little like a beachball with those colors, maybe, but I love it)
Green for Green Country, Red for Oklahoma red dirt, #2 Pencil Yellow, and Pocket Folder Blue

Having a lifelong love affair with books, I will always have a soft spot for libraries and the people who run them, especially in schools, where they are in a position to change a child's life, or maybe just shift a point of view with one well-timed book suggestion.

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun Mushrooms! (Not what you're thinking...)

I did a baby shower gift for a friend - bought the plate, hauled out my Sculpey, and set to work channelling my inner 20 year old for all the old Mario Bros. games I used to play. 

Love it!
Sculpting things is so very satisfying - always forget until I'm in the thick of it, and the creatures that I draw look nothing like the creatures I sculpt! We worked on a school project (my son and I), making animals from the Amazon rain forest and their different environments. Loved making the jaguar, and he liked doing his happy little animals - so I've passed that gene on!
Here's hoping you make something you love soon!