Monday, March 18, 2013

Of Dumplings, Floods and The Importance of Being a ROCK STAR MOM!

A couple of weeks ago, life was pretty much... simple. With a husband, a dog, two boys and a job, and it's still basketball season, of course, simple might be stretching it a bit.

But I could handle it. So I made chicken sausage stew with dumplings. And it was good. Very very good.  The recipe is coming.

Then the washer threw up all over half of the house. My closet contents took up residence in the living room. And then everyone got THE BUG. Everyone but me, because God decided I just couldn't take it all and be sick, too. (I am grateful for that!)

So, I did what any normal mom faced with a house of sick kids and a non-functioning washer would do. I bought the part online and FIXED MY OWN WASHING MACHINE!!!

See the white circle on the left side? That is a bad water fill level pressure switch. Bad, bad switch.

Have done about 10 loads since last Wednesday night at 9pm, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to be doing laundry again in my own weird blue laundry room!!! No quarters required!

Now, on to food.

Chicken dumpling stew

1lb thin sliced chicken breast
1lb smoked turkey sausage - diced
Olive oil
3 cloves minced garlic
2 15 oz cans cream of chicken soup
1 18 oz can chicken broth
1 can cannelini beans
1 can petite diced tomatoes
1 bag mixed diced veggies - I used the steam in bag kind, and cooked them in the microwave before adding them to the stew.
Salt, pepper, chicken rub spices


1 cup Bisquick mix
1/4 cup milk

Brown garlic in olive oil in bottom of stew pot. Add chicken.
Once chicken is close to done, more white than tiny bit of pink, add sausage.
Brown sausage and chicken for a bit, deglaze with white cooking wine - maybe 1/4 cup.
Add chicken broth, cream of chicken soups, beans, tomatoes, and veggies.
Stir all together and bring to boil.
While boiling, stir Bisquick and milk together in bowl, and drop spoonfuls into boiling stew.
Cook uncovered for 10 minutes, then covered for 10 minutes. Soooo good!

Serves 6 - 8, unless there's a hungry teenager in your house. Then, all bets are off.

Happy Whatever!